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Bang Master Blaster is more than the next generation of Pre-Workout Supplements –it represents an uncompromising vision to create a powerful nutritional training tool that delivers real results for serious athletes. It pours potent muscle, strength, and performance building compounds into your body that science has shown unlocks key metabolic switches necessary to support radical body transformation.* It makes the complex process of building new muscle as simple as drinking a delicious refreshment*.



Instead of innovation for the sake of being new, BANG Master Blaster was developed around what matters most: barrier-breaking muscle and performance gains. BANG turns vision into reality by stacking exclusive nutrients with the most sought after muscle and strength building compounds–in fully disclosed amounts*.



Chances are if you take a look at your favorite pre-workout, you’ll see that they have taken at least parts of the ingredient profile and stuffed it into a proprietary blend. This is simply a smoke screen meant to make you think that they’ve put together the ‘holy grail’ of formulas and want to keep it hidden so no one can copy their ‘innovation’. We’re not about that…instead we are bringing you a no-nonsense pre-workout formula that has scientifically backed and dosed ingredients to provide you with truly potent brain and body fuel*.



When you tell your muscles GO; they draw upon stored energy inside the cell to drive performance. Low energy equals poor performance. That’s why BANG Master Blaster stacks 5 grams of the explosive muscle fuel creatine monohydrate with 2.4 grams of fatigue fighting beta-alanine and 350 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous to maximize power, strength, and endurance*.


The ability to go past previous performance barriers is the key to building fresh muscle, and blasting bodyfat*. That’s why Bang Master Blaster contains the full 6 gram clinical dose of citrulline malate with 2.5 grams of betaine anhydrous, and 250 milligrams of SuperCreatine™ our patented Creatyl-L-Leucine peptide to establish; a powerful mind-to-muscle connection, and support reduced lactic acid buildup so you can do more reps and sets for maximum muscle pumps, vascularity and growth*.


Serious athletes training with Bang Master Blaster have the ability to generate superhuman intensity. While this promotes maximum muscle growth it also creates greater demands on BCAA’s, the primary amino acids inside muscle*. Bang Master Blaster provides maximum muscle protection with 7.5 grams of ultra soluble BCAAs in our patented 2-2-1 ratio. This exclusive BCAA combination goes beyond typical “over exaggerated leucine dosing” to deliver a precise combination of insulin sensitivity and protein assembly production to feed hungry muscles, increase muscle gain, decrease muscle breakdown and boost performance*.