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Snickers Protein

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    • Contains 21g Of Protein Per Serve
    • Contains 140 Calories Per Serve
    • Promotes Muscle Recovery
    • Snickers Tasting Protein Shake 
    • Mixes Easily into Shakes, Smoothies, And More!


Containing 21g of Whey Protein and only 140 calories per serve, Snickers HiProtein has been carefully designed to offer the rich chocolate and Peanut Butter flavours of a Snickers bar, while going one step further to deliver the ultimate muscle recovery formula. Whether you want to increase your protein intake or are simply looking for a tasty snack to curb your sweet tooth, Snickers HiProtein is the name you can count on for quality ingredients and uncompromising flavour. This high-protein and low-sugar/carb formula is ideal for satisfying your sweet cravings, while simultaneously supporting your fitness goals!

Simply mix it with water as a standalone shake, add it to your smoothie for a burst of chocolate goodness, or add it to your baked goods for a flavour you’re guaranteed to love.