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  • Premium protein
  • Calcium for bones
  • 35 g of blended proteins
  • 80% daily value of calcium
  • Muscle recovery support
  • Diet friendly
  • Essential amino acids & BCAAs
  • Very low sugar & fat

This Pure Pro 35 protein shake is brought to you from the award winning team at Optimum Nutrition. This tasty drink is stacked with some of the most premium protein on the planet, full of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and they're light-on in the sugar department.

Optimum Nutrition Pure Pro 35

Optimum Nutrition have forged their place as an industry leader and this is why a veritable smorgasbord of world class athletes are using their products, such as IFBB pro Steve Cook.

Cook has been one of the most recognisable faces in the sports and fitness industry over the last few years. His supplement intake increases as he begins to cut calories leading into a contest. This is because he looks to maximise gym time and ensure he leaves nothing to chance.