NOWAY® Collagen Protein Jelly – Multi Flavour

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NOWAY® Collagen Protein Jelly – Multi Flavour

Ahhh the memories of Jelly! That fruity, jiggly dessert that holds itself in place.

But Jelly just ain't for kids! ATP are bringing this dessert back! Made with all natural flavours, colours, sweeteners and packed with 70% protein from Collagen protein peptides, this will be your new go to, macro friendly dessert or sweet treat!

Noway Collagen Protein contains BODYBALANCE® Collagen Peptides, which is designed by German Scientists and made in Brazil. This product is gentle on the stomach as it contains no lactose or casein based ingredients.

Flavours – 10 Sachets per Box

  • 4x Raspberry sachets
  • 4x Tutti Fruity sachets
  • 2x Lime sachets