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Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime, ATP Science Alpha Mars will help you build muscle and burn fat.

There can be a number of ways an individual can boost their testosterone levels, some are obviously more legal than others in the sports world. For example, simply exercising with heavy weights can boost test levels. A glimpse of a beautiful woman can boost testosterone. Where the secret to muscle growth is found is in maintaining testosterone at high enough levels to produce anabolism. That’s where Alpha Mars comes in.

This men's supplement is valuable for anyone looking to improve lean muscle growth and energy levels. It’s also reported to be a fatigue fighter and assist with stress levels.

What’s in the product?

This is a product designed with unique ingredients for improving testosterone levels both safely and effectively. These ingredients use a number of mechanisms to modify testosterone levels.

Asphaltum punjabium or shialajit has been reported to increase test levels to more than 20 percent. It’s also a nootropic and as such it enhances focus and is a powerful antioxidant.

Tongkat ali has been shown to be important in maintaining normal testosterone levels. It’s also been reported to be important for improving muscle mass.

Panax “Korean” ginseng has been associated with improving well-being and has been reported to help with improving energy levels and maintaining healthy test levels.

Fenugreek contains a number of nutrients that have been reported to play a role in improving athletic performance.

Nettle root has been reported to improve testosterone levels via a process that makes active testosterone available to the muscles.