Muscle Elements- 212 High Energy Fat Burn

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*Short life

Muscle Elements 212 is a cutting-edge, leader of the pack style of thermogenic fat burner, designed to pack a real punch!

  • Increase Lipolysis
  • Enhance Energy
  • Decrease Appetite

212’s full spectrum thermogenic combines 3 vital blends that will help incinerate fat, shut down appetite and drive energy levels up like never before. Split into a thermogenic blend, a fat incineration complex and a combination of natural diuretics to rid your body of any unwanted water, 212 is designed to take fat loss beyond boiling point.

Feel the burn, experience the buzz and take your training and fat loss to the next level.

Core Ingredients

Thermogenic & Nootropic Amplifier

The amplifier blend combines 5 highly effective stimulants that work synergistically to enhance energy production and reduce energy breakdown. Utilising caffeine, PEA and synephrine allow for a maximum release of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine, causing an intense influx of energy and mood enhancement.

Combined with Theanine and Hordenine, this blend also helps with a slight calming effect while simultaneously preventing the breakdown of key neurotransmitters, meaning the energy and mood enhancement lasts longer.

Fat Oxidation Complex

Green coffee bean is a high-level antioxidant extract that has been shown to enhance lipolysis above baseline measures and also supports fat loss through its potential impact on minimising carbohydrate impact through blood glucose control.

Definition Complex

This natural complex of herbal diuretics ensures your body is removing any unwanted fluid retention, making your body feel and look tighter.